Upcoming Events

We have several events currently being planned.

We are working with representatives from the NHL San Jose Sharks organization to hold a fundraising campaign at one of their home games in San Jose, CA during the upcoming 2022-2023 season. Several fallen Police Officers’ children and their families will be sponsored by us to attend the event and the game. We will also be treating several Police Officers’ children and their families to tickets to many of the Sharks’ home games throughout the season.

We have been providing NHL and MLB tickets to Police Officers’ children and their families so that they can enjoy watching their favorite teams play. Many of the children have been able to meet some of their favorite players and even take home souvenirs that they have received at the games. These events have been very uplifting for the children.

We plan on continuing to provide scholarships/grants to youth sports organizations to help cover the costs for Police Officers’ children to play their favorite organized sport. Some of the costs to play the sports cause hardships for the Officers’ families and our plan is to try and make it easier on them so that the children have a chance to participate in the sport of their choice.

More information regarding some of our upcoming events will be coming soon.